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William Faulkner was a Man Slut

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

So here’s my second post ripping into Faulkner.  I was doing a little bit of Wikipedia research into him and I couldn’t help but notice his colorful and patchy relationships with women.  In class, we mentioned his complicated relationship with his wife, Estelle, since he was the (slighted?) second husband.  However, he had a number of extramarital affairs.  But most of these weren’t really flings, but full-blown relationships that lasted a couple of years.  Wikipedia (yeah, I know, Wikipedia) lists five total.  Yet it sounds like Faulkner & Oldham stuck it out, which makes me curious about the dynamics of their relationship; I haven’t found anything conclusive just on the Internet.  Although from this biographical information it seems as if Faulkner had complex and curious relationship with women.