John Carlos Rowe’s “Antebellum Salvery and Modern Criticism” (Stephen Harrison)

Peter Ripley’s “The Autobiographical Writings of Frederick Douglass” (Drew Campbell)

Robert B. Stepto’s “Narration, Authentication, and Authorial Control” (Jency Williams)

William L. Andrews’s “Frederick Douglass and the American Jeremiad” (Julia Holmes)

Deborah E. McDowell’s “In the First Place” (Terrell Taylor)

Jean Fagan Yellin’s “Written by Herself: Harriet Jacobs’ Slave Narrative” (Lindsay Cutler)

Valerie Smith’s “Form and Ideology in Three Slave Narratives” (Karl Livingston)

Frances Smith Foster’s “Resisting Incidents” (Coleman Clark)

Sandra Gunning’s “Reading and Redemption in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” (Calli Fox)

F.R. Leavis’s “Mark Twain’s Neglected Classic” (Jacob Gordon)

Barry Wood’s “Narrative Action and Structural Symmetry” (David Gallagher)

Linda Morris’s “Beneath the Veil” (Ocean Edwards)

Carolyn Porter’s “Roxana’s Plot” (JB Bridgeman)

Nancy Walker’s “Feminist or Naturalist?” (Meganne Lemon)

Lee Edwards’s “Sexuality, Maternity, and Selfhood” (Stephanie Edwards)

Patricia Yaeger’s “Language and Female Emancipation” (Minta Smith)

Anna Shannon Elfenbein’s “American Racial and Sexual Mythology” (Jacklyn Faraci)

Helen Taylor’s “Gender, Race, and Region” (Julianna Truslow)

Elizabeth Ammons’s “Women of Color in The Awakening” (Kathleen Fabie)

Eric Sundquist’s “Death, Grief, Analagous Form: As I Lay Dying” (Meg Baker)

Eric Sundquist’s “Death, Grief, Analagous Form: As I Lay Dying” (Lindley Estes)

Doreen Fowler’s “Matricide and the Mother’s Revenge: As I Lay Dying” (Alex Culbreth)

Richard Gray’s “A Southern Carnival” (Ginny Ferrell)

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