If Poe had twitter…or what to remember about Poe’s stories.

EdgarAllenYo ?
(please excuse the poor grammar and txt speech that will follow…I feel like having fun with this 140 character limit)
The Murders in the Rue Morgue:
Dupain is a great detective! who killed ladyz? Srsly though it makes no sense! Dupain figured it out! It was an Ourang-Outang? yup.

How to Write a Blackwood Article:
editor tells Psyche Z 2 write bout emtn, talk bout classic stuff in greek or latin, then in her story she haz dog and her head chpd by clock

The Fall of the House of Usher:
I visit Roderick, creepy friend Maddy is sick. Maddy is dead. We bury Maddy. Evrything is weird. Maddy wasn’t ded. Now both r, house falls.

The Masque of the Red Death:
so many ppl died of plague, but there’s a mask party!Holla! No sickies allowd! color rooms, ono guy with red mask in black room, fight! dead

The Premature Burial:
OMG ppl r buried alive, smtimes no1 notices. Smtimes I fall asleep n ppl think I died, o no i fell asleep n ppl thought i died Im on a boat.

The Black Cat:
I beat black cat, blind cat, hang cat, house burns dwn. New cat? white spot? ok. Hate cat, kill wife, put her behind wall. Whr da cat?uh oh.

Hop-Frog, or The Eight Chained Ourang-Outang:
King is real douche to HopFrog. HF says they should dress like Ourang-Outangs, trix em and then hangs em n sets m on fire n HF n girl escape

7 Responses to “If Poe had twitter…or what to remember about Poe’s stories.”

  1. hokiepride81 says:

    HAHA, you get an award for Post of the Year right there!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hahahaha. Epic. The perfect comic relief, since I’m still in the middle of trying to study all of this stuff and the test is in less than 8 hours.

  3. lcutler says:

    Absolutely. made. my. morning. I just read these outloud to my roommates while laughing hysterically…. they just looked at me. Stupid bio majors.

  4. meganne says:

    This is hysterical.

    I especially like “I’m on a boat.” If it weren’t for the 140-character limit, I’d add “with my flippy-floppies.”

  5. Meg Baker says:

    Having just finished the exam, this made my morning. Very nice.

  6. Stephen says:

    Hahaha, this is awesome.

  7. kfabie says:

    Not only was this funny, it was a great study guide! Thanks to all of you who posted such last minute ramblings and summaries. It helped with the exam. Great class.