“A Streetcar Named Desire: Stanley and Stella… hm, not really sure when the last time they went to Church was. Sex >God in this one, although I’m pretty sure Blanche could benefit from a confession or two. In comparing the settings of New Orleans in both The Awakening and Streetcar- religion has a different role in each”

Religion does play different roles in the setting of New Orleans in these two texts. That is probably the case because each is set in New Orleans at a different time in it and the south as a whole’s evolution. Separated by time, the differences also come in the separation of class within the stories. This is really an interesting comparison, because one might suspect that the upper class in New Orleans might somehow match up with the upper class Blanche has descended from. But, I suspect that religion plays a different role as you suggest in the upperclass of New Orleans in the period of the Awakening than it does in the period of Streetcar.

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