Final Thought

I know the blog is closed. I know this is not a snarky comment – sorry, Professor Richards. However, this was something I wanted to say:

Thanks for all the help in the review session and online – I feel like I rocked that exam, and it was definitely with the entire class’s help.  Although I didn’t fully utilize the blog during the semester, I did skim it once a week and went back over everything last night.  We have some very interesting thoughts!

This class has been, by far, one of my favorites and I will greatly miss our witty repartee.

Thanks to everyone for making it memorable and I hope you all have an awesome break!

(Insert quote from any book that isn’t The Awakening or Incidents, because they were no good, here.)

One Response to “Final Thought”

  1. Reverend says:

    This is what a swan song about a course should be. Nothing like having witty repartee all semester, sounds like this group rocked. I love getting this snippets from the outside looking in.