Better late than never

Many of you seemed to agree some sort of summary of the play Summer & Smoke would have given some clarity to my paper, and I’m in┬ádesperate┬áneed of blogposts, so here you go.

Summer & Smoke takes place in Glorious Hill, Mississippi, where Alma Winemiller lives with her preacher father and her crazy mother. Since she was a child, Alma has loved/stalked/had a crush on John Buchanan Jr., the son of the doctor next door. The play begins on the fourth of July. Alma is considering the proposal of Roger Doremus (the character I played), but when she talks to John for the first time in years, she is thrown for a loop, and wildly pursues John and ignores Roger. John is a bit of a scumbag who runs with the wrong crowd, and is a much more sexual being than Alma. He is everything she is not, but what the play is about is the progression of how the two switch places. When Alma hears that John is having a party and planning to marry Rosa Gonzales, she calls his father to tattle tail on him. When his father is shot by Rosa’s father when he comes back to discipline John, the switch begins. Alma is sent into a deep depression that she barely recovers from in time to see that John is engaged to one of her vocal pupils. He has discovered that there is something beyond carnal hunger for sexual gratification, while she has discovered her sexuality. At the end of the play she meets a man and it is presumed they are going to go enjoy each other.

So i guess that’s the skinny of it…I highly recommend it. Alma is much more interesting than my quick summary just made her seem.

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