“On the night the hogs ate Willie, Mama died when she found out what Papa did to Sister.”

I remember being really confused by how this could possibly encompass the plot of all southern literature. I remember because I still am. But I want to understand it and try to make a few of the stories we read this semester fit into this sentence.

On the night Stanley ate Blanche, Stella died when she found out what Stanley did to Sister.

yup, that works.

On the night Pudd’nhead ate “Tom”, “Chambers” died when [he] found out what Roxy did to “Tom”.

maybe more of a stretch, but still works.

I guess what’s meant by this sentence is that usually in a piece of Southern literature, nature/fate/inevitability (the hogs) always catches up with one character? And usually someone has an extreme reaction when something someone else has done is revealed? okay…a little less confused. That construct definitely has to be used loosely to work on some of the other texts.

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