The List

OK, I need a break from those critics, so here’s the list of southern stereotypes from the first day for all of you who have been asking for it:

The South: A construct, mythic, created.

slow – lazy vs. laid back; prim and proper women- sundresses and hoopskirts; heat, humidity hurricanes, mosquitoes; speech- drawls, mumbles, y’all, darlin’, drop the g on everythin’; beaten wives, sex, brawls and murder; trailer parks, yard art and Bud cans; bigotry; sweet tea, mint juleps, whiskey, moonshine, Bud and Coke; poverty – blacks and whites; agriculture – Mayberry, plantations (Tara), John Deere, tobacco; incest; NASCAR, hunting (anything that moves), tractor pulls, cowtipping; obesity- fried anything, Waffle House, Cracker Barrel Country Cookin’; immigration issues; evangelism – Southern Baptists, cults, Pentecostals,, river baptisms, mega churches; red necks; Southern gentlemen; music- country, bluegrass, banjos, gospel; conservatism – politics, religion, bigotry; violent; destructive

I think that’s it. Just about everything except the cowtipping was in the stories we read.

We included GA, AL, MS, SC, WV, LA, KY, NC, TN, and AR in the South

We questioned: OK, MD, AZ, TX, VA, FL, MO, NM, IA DE, Dist. of Columbia        (Would anyone move any of these into the South for sure now that we’ve read JGV and Poe?)

Then Professor Richards launched into his first lecture by calling the South the “deviant whipping boy of the U.S.” and here we are fifteen or so weeks later…

6 Responses to “The List”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thanks, Kathleen! That makes everything so much better.

  2. Meg Baker says:

    Yeah, I totally remember all those NASCAR scenes…

    Thanks for posting this!

    • hokiepride81 says:

      Really? You must have missed it then.

      John Buddy, on the exit of turn 4 at the Daytona International Speedway, got bumped from behind by Dale Earnhardt Jr. as the two were racing back to the checkered flag. His Ford hit off the wall and rolled off the racetrack all the way to the nearby traintracks. The advances in NASCAR technology luckily saved his life, but nothing could have prepared him for the 20,000 ton train that smushed him like a bug.

  3. jonathonbridgeman says:

    I think the reason why there is no question about the ten states we identified as certainly being a part of the South is because those ten states are geographically clumped together and while each of them has their own identity, many of us view them as being the same places with different accents. I think what brought states like Arizona and New Mexico into the conversation was their similar preoccupations with race, and what kept states like Maryland and Virginia from being included was our collective identification as northerners, because are certainly parts of Virginia, Maryland, and even Pennsylvania which could easily be classified as the South based on that list of characteristics.

  4. cclark4 says:

    Wow, this seems like just a few weeks ago. I can’t believe this semester is over already. I love this list, and I love that KFay is the one posting it, I heard her voice in my head as I read it. It’s so weird how some of those on the list are dead on in relation to the texts. One that jumps out at me is Mega Churches…..John Buddy anyone?