Blogging for class is not my forte, apparently. But seeing as we have our final exam in oh, a little over twelve hours from now, and just as much time to blog as much as possible/necessary, I figured I would kill two birds with one stone and use the blog as a means of last minute studying for the exam. I guess the beginning of this little experiment is as good of a time as any to say that I think what I’ve read on the blog has been very helpful, especially the posts including notes from the study session on Sunday, so thank you all for being way more organized and helpful than I have been! But that’s enough for now, expect at least 13 more posts tonight with material more relevant to our primary and secondary texts.

2 Responses to “so…blogging…”

  1. hokiepride81 says:

    Props to you for punching out 13 blog posts in one night! Seeing as me and a few others also need to get in a few more blog posts, looks like this blog will get to be pretty ridiculous. LOL

  2. jonathonbridgeman says:

    get ready for my next post….what if Poe had a twitter?