Disability and Literature

For anyone interested in learning more about disability studies, here’s a link to Dr. Foss’s Disability and Literature Blog.  He has all kinds of links and such and hopefully it will satisfy your curious side.

4 Responses to “Disability and Literature”

  1. Richards says:

    Thanks, Julianna, and thanks to you, along with Jacklyn and Kathleen, for giving a manageable introduction and discussion of disability studies in class yesterday.

    • lcutler says:

      I flipped through the syllabus and scanned the blog and I think that it definitely seems like an interesting course and one I would have probably not otherwise pursued. From the few times it was brought up in class before this, I wasn’t completely lost when reading your paper, but your clarification definitely helped. I really enjoyed reading your paper because I thought it was one of the most unique approaches taken in class and very surprising. Thanks for bringing this approach into this class.

  2. Stephen says:

    Wow that’s awesome about Amanda’s paper reaching back to the original writer of that essay! That’s ridiculous how powerful the internet is, connecting people who otherwise would have no real chance at connecting.

  3. Meg Baker says:

    I’m glad you posted this, as I was very curious after that class discussion. I wouldn’t have ever thought to look at books that way, but now that I have even a slight understanding of it I am able to see disabilities in so many texts!