A Case of Rape

In class today, we briefly discussed the rape scene in SND and how some productions of the play over-look the rape and leave it out, and how some are not even sure it exists. Being someone who had to go back a page or two after reading the first time and re-read that scene, I can understand. It was very subtle until I read the stage directions at the end and saw the note about the “hot trumpet” playing, then I got it. I’m not denying that Williams wrote this in literally and does it well. American productions though have ignored it in the past. There was one a about 12 years that did not however. The Key put on a production years ago and the Post reviewed it as sexier and more morally disturbing. I don’t know whether the showing the play in it’s truest form is wrong, but it is impactful.

One Response to “A Case of Rape”

  1. Meg Baker says:

    For me, the fact that he raped her has never been a question. However, after reading the play again and hearing this discussion, I think it would be a very interesting study. If I had the time, I would research whether or not someone has written about if the rape really happened, or if it was all in Blanche’s mind. I think the subtlety of the scene actually adds to both arguments: that it did happen, and that it is just an imagined happening.