Easy Research

I remember being a child in elementary school and learning what an encyclopedia was for the first time. I also remember being enthralled. I could find so much cool stuff in one place! To me, this was the ultimate discover (geeky I know). As a college student, I still love easy finds, especially encyclopedias. Maybe because it actually means I’m lazy, who knows. But I will be the first to try to flip to a glossary, index, works cited page. So, I think it is hysterical and awesome that the world sort-of agrees with me. One place to find everything is better. Hence, The Tennessee Williams Encyclopedia. They actually have these for all sorts of things now, including authors, musicians, schools, etc. I think they (encyclopedias) are a great resource for all sorts of information. I still try to use them for my papers.

One Response to “Easy Research”

  1. Meg Baker says:

    I just saw this post… this is amazing. I honestly had no idea they made encyclopedias like this! I now want to find some on all my favorite interests/authors/works/etc! Thank you for sharing this!