Scary photo for Halloween

Continuing the Hollywood theme we’ve got running here, I thought I would post this great photo taken of Faulkner while he was working as a screenwriter in Hollywood.

Faulkner in Hollywood

Fun bit of trivia from Faulkner’s Hollywood days:

In 1932 Faulkner went dove hunting with Howard Hawks (a director) and a friend of his, an actor named Clark Gable (the guy who played Rhett Butler in GWTW, of course). Hawks began talking with Faulkner about books, during which Gable remained silent. Finally, Gable asked Faulkner who he thought were the best living writers. After a moment, Faulkner answered, “Ernest Hemingway, Willa Cather, Thomas Mann, John Dos Passos, and myself.”

Gable paused for a moment and said, “Oh, do you write?”

“Yes, Mr. Gable,” Faulkner said. “What do you do?”

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One Response to “Scary photo for Halloween”

  1. Richards says:

    Among other things, this photo suggests Faulkner’s diminutive stature. When a wicker chair and a typewriter engulf you, you know you need to lie about your experiences in World War I.