My mother is a fish.

In the age of easily made and mass produced t shirts, it seems that no reference or quote is safe from being put onto  someone’s chest.  I decided to search, “My mother is a fish” and in doing so, I found this extraordinarily bland tee: Seeing this shirt has made me want to create my own, more interesting version of this shirt.  Maybe Stephen won’t be the only one have shirts related to our texts.

4 Responses to “My mother is a fish.”

  1. Ginny Ferrell says:

    I absolutely LOVE this t-shirt. As I was searching for more information about this book, I came across this t-shirt, as well. I think it’s cool when famous quotes end up on shirts. I’ve always wondered how people decide what quotes would actually work as t-shirts. You’re right, though, it should be a more interesting design that goes along with it than the quote just being on a simple blue shirt.

  2. karl says:

    There is a Kate Chopin hoodie too.

    Oh Literature Leisure Wear!

  3. Richards says:

    The possibilities are endless … and endlessly ripe for innuendo: a “Now I Can Get Them Teeth” hoodie; an “I Made It on the Bevel” Tshirt; some “A Shape to Fill a Lack” underwear; a “Darl Has Gone to Jackson” baseball cap, and so on.

    How about “My Family Went to Jefferson to Bury My Mother and All I Got Was This Lousy Sack of Bananas”?