Poe Museum

Just thought if anyone’s interested in learning more about Edgar Allan Poe, especially in his personal life, the Poe Museum in Richmond is suposed to be a wonderful/ interesting source. I was looking at their website earlier this afternoon and it says that they have a lot of Poe’s personal artifacts and handwritten manuscripts. According to the website, some of their artifacts include Poe’s bed from his time with the Allans, the Poe Family Bible (with some pictures), and even a lock of his hair–the blurb accompanying the picture says that about fifty people in Baltimore took hair clippings after Poe had died.

It does make one wonder what Poe’s own interior monologue would be like if he was in fact thought dead, due to an illness such as that described in “The Premature Burial” and buried alive.

3 Responses to “Poe Museum”

  1. bshipman says:

    Thank you for that info! Richmond is not too far from my home in Spotsylvania, VA. I will have to plan a visit to the Poe Museum.

  2. Reverend says:

    That last thought is a doozy.

    Speaking of Poe and museums, I do like the way UVA has turned Poe’s undergrad dorm room into a museum, where you can see where he spent his short-lived college career. What I particularly liked about the dorm room museum is that I literally stumbled upon it walking around that campus–no real fanfare, but at the same time the watering hole for the man who brought us the detective story, some of the best, early American Gothic, and took horror to a whole new level psychologically.

    Here’s an image of his dorm room if you haven’t seen it yet:

  3. RhinestoneintheRough says:

    Curious Fact: The Poe Museum is actually a fairly popular site for weddings. When I went to visit a year or so back they were setting up “Poe’s Enchanted Garden” for one. The garden is pretty and the idea is cool, albeit a bit morbid. Maybe fitting if you’re planning on marrying a first cousin?