Last night somebody tipped me off to this comic in “Hark, a vagrant” that features Edgar Allan Poe and Jules Verne engaging in an intimate bond of friendship.  The artist, Kate Beaton often features noteworthy historical figures.  Like several of the other posts about Poe on this blog have already proven, this comic also shows Poe’s enduring relevance in popular culture.  I think the humor in the strip derives by subverting the seriousness associated with the figures and substituting a ditzier behavior (mostly on Verne’s part). True to Poe’s brooding, loner reputation, Beaton’s Poe looks a little bit incredulous.  Here’s the link to the comic strip

One Response to “Poemance?”

  1. jakeg says:

    Ya he definitely looks a but incredulous. It’s quite funny though. Imagining Poe as a “bro”. It raises me to think if Poe even had many friends outside of. What kind of social life did a person like Poe have. Someone so introspective and grotesque might not have been the most personable. But i digress. Sometimes the oddest people have tons of friends.