Frederick Douglass, Funny or Die

Frederick Douglass was an early critic of President Lincoln. However, Douglass became an admirer of President Lincoln after the Emancipation Proclamation and helped the Union Army recruit black troops. In August of 1863, Douglass went to President Lincoln to urge equal pay for black soldiers. On Funny or Die, there is an account of how it went down: Drunk History: Frederick Douglass and Lincoln

3 Responses to “Frederick Douglass, Funny or Die”

  1. jakeg says:

    What an awesome funny video. If everything is true i doubled my knowledge about Douglass and Lincoln. Especially their relationship between one another and their stances on the Civil War. If only they used videos like that in history class students might actually learn something instead on letting it get in their ear for the test and then out when they’re done. Oh, and one more thing, always trust a drunk’s knowledge about history and civil rights.

  2. RhinestoneintheRough says:

    Even though Don Cheedle doesn’t really look like Frederick Douglass, the Funny or Die crew totally nailed the wig. I particularly like the transition between young Douglass hair and old Douglass hair. Why weren’t all my American history classes like this? Maybe I would have paid attention in class a little more…

  3. jonathonbridgeman says:

    Someone beat me to this…by a lot apparently. Glad I checked. I just saw this recently and also really appreciated Don Cheadle’s wig, but really all of the wigs were fantastic.
    favorite line:
    “Shh! I get it- I know- I know who you are, it’s been explained to me. I’ve been following your career forever. Be quiet. I’m into it. Let’s talk.”